Useful Marijuana Heals Cancer?

Until now there has not been found a cancer treatment therapy that provides certainty of

Until now there has not been found a cancer treatment therapy that provides certainty of recovery. No wonder it often happens in the minds of cancer patients and their closest people, to try alternative therapies outside of the usual therapies. With the hope of being able to cure cancer or at least extend life or life expectancy.

There are some herbs that are suspected (although still controversial or in debate) have the ability to help cancer patients, one of which is marijuana.

The use of marijuana at medical dispensary as a therapy is contradictory to existing reason and norms. Because what we know in general cannabis leaves are used unwisely by humans to seek false pleasure without considering its bad effects. In addition, the efficacy of marijuana to fight cancer is still confusing (not certain) even some sources claim that marijuana actually has the potential to cause cancer.

The perception that marijuana can help cancer recovery appears based on medical findings published in the journal American Association for Cancer Research which states that marijuana has a strong compound called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC has a good indication as a cancer cell killer. In addition to THC content, health researchers from the University of California-San Francisco also claimed that marijuana contains cannabinoids which have the function of helping to overcome the symptoms of chemotherapy side effects in cancer patients such as nausea, pain in the body, and decreased appetite.

Some doctors recently began prescribing medicinal marijuana to help patients who are seriously ill in overcoming their symptoms. They said the initial results were very positive, especially for those suffering from chemotherapy such as nausea, cancer, and vomiting. It seems we are headed for something good and this has the potential to change the lives of cancer sufferers. The doctors can get the marijuana from producers who already have a license, i.e. licensed producers Canada.

A three days doctor’s training program and symposium will be one of the most important events in understanding and advancing medical marijuana use. A hope tucked away from the symposium will be able to encourage more patients who have access to medical marijuana.